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Good Heat Efficiency, Environmental Improvement
The high frequency induction heating apparatus is being widely watched as a cleaner and more efficient source of heat compared to gas burners or electric resistance heating. Although most high frequency apparatus were being expensive, we at Jemix succeeded in cost reduction through power source mass production. This led to the production of machinery with stronger induction heating features, new application, and a greater ability to accommodate our clients' needs.

・Conversion efficiency is high (92%〜95%) due to the usage of inverters.
・Does no create surrounding heat damage due to work self heating.
・Rapid heating has been made possible by putting high density heat energy into narrow spaces.
・Heating is possible even in a vacuum due to magnetic field line heating.
・High temperature is easily attained, making it possible to melt down the work.
・Heating is possible without touching the work.

Pre-heating is necessary during welding because high strength steel is used in the electric power plant's water pressure steel pipes. Our company invented a high frequency wave induction heating apparatus that matches welding speed by rotating a gigantic cylinder with a diameter of 5m and a wall thickness of 50mm〜80mm.

P.W.H.T after welding by rolling the heating-coil on the insulation.

The Honshu-shikoku Bridge which is The longest suspension bridge in the world ,and welding box-shaped beams, it became necessary to pre-heat the steel products at the same speed as welding progressed. In order to meet customer needs, our technicians suggested the usage of traveling automatic pre-heating apparatus.

Heating on the hanged small material is available.

It is very effective to heat only the bolt very quickly by using the induction heating. And more, it is possible to reduce the heating-influence on the turbine for the short-time heating.

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